Why Does the Universe Do That??

When I first began hearing the spirit world, I understood that my spirit’s perspective was infinitely larger than mine, and so she was able to understand and see things that I couldn’t grasp. The analogy that she gave me was this:

toddler in crib

“Imagine that you’re taking care of a 2-year-old child who is exhausted. The child is miserable and cranky because she’s so tired, so you decide to put her down for her nap. The child wails in protest, and looks at you as if you’re the cruelest person in the world. Would you give in and let her skip the nap? No, because you would have the bigger perspective and would understand that if she naps she will enjoy the rest of her day so much more. As your spirit, I am like the loving parent, allowing you to wail and protest about what I’ve chosen for you. You are always convinced that you know what will make you the happiest, but I can see further into the future than you can, and I have a larger perspective on what will serve you in the long run.”

I’m embarrassed to say that despite hearing this explanation years ago, I still question the methods and decisions of the spirit world. With regularity. Here’s an example:

Over a year ago a new group of very advanced healing guides honored me by choosing to work with me. Now a humble person would be eternally grateful, listen carefully to what they advise, and not question their methods at all. That is not me; apparently I’m still working on learning those qualities!

My guides told me that I’d be creating new types of supplements that contained energy and would produce astounding results. Now in my opinion, the best way to proceed would have been for the guides to tell me everything that the first supplement (NuPeace) would do to help people. I would have loved a complete list of every beautiful result that users would experience, so that I could use it in marketing the product and helping customers understand what to expect/why they should buy it. But instead my guides gave me a very strong feeling, an emotional response that made me feel like I HAD to create this product. And when I told my boyfriend Bill about the product, his response was emotional too, which was surprising to both of us. But we could feel the Universe cheering us on, so we took a leap of faith and created the company, a website, and the NuPeace supplement.



Fast forward to today, where every day I’m hearing from customers who are reporting back fabulous results that I never expected from NuPeace. Which is great, but why didn’t my healing guides choose to tell me more of what to expect from this product?

When I sat in meditation and asked this question (as respectfully as I could), I was told this:

“We understand that you have a desire to know what will happen next. All humans believe that they’ll be happiest if they can know their future events, so that they can brace for the worst and look forward to the pleasant. But this is not an accurate assumption. Believe it or not, one of the most enjoyable aspects of being human is the element of surprise – of not knowing what will happen next. It is why you watch movies and read books; you want to see what happens next. We promise that if we had told on your 5th birthday every gift that you would receive each year for Christmas, you would have experienced significantly less happiness on that holiday.

The ego-mind decides that the unknown is to be feared, and so the pursuit begins, as each person tries to see as much of his future as possible. Part of why children experience more happiness than adults is because they delight in being surprised. They have not yet learned to fear everything that was not scheduled to appear. Be more child-like. Allow the Universe to surprise you with unexpected delights. There is a joy to be had here, if you can let go of the need to accurately anticipate everything that will happen.

The wonderful results from NuPeace that were unknown to you did not affect your actions, your decision to create the product. We will tell you now that there are even more benefits that users will experience as the product is used long-term. Do you need to know these benefits? No.  We see your joy in hearing from your customers who are surprised at how quickly their bodies have created a “now normal” of lower levels of adrenaline and cortisol. If you had known to expect this, you would have missed out on the joyful surprise of this result.

Trust. Trust the undeniable feelings that guide you from your heart, and then enjoy the ride! Even when you can’t see around the next curve…..”

I share this small story in the hopes of reminding you that EVERYTHING happens in an effort to support you. Your spirit, in collaboration with your guides, God, and all the forces in the Universe, are requesting that things happen FOR you, not TO you. You will forget this – frequently. I channel the spirit world each day and I still forget! (there’s a distinct possibility that I’m a slow learner in this area). But I encourage you to start keeping a list of times where you witnessed the perfection of the Universe as It provided just what was needed for your growth. These times will typically be uncomfortable, but the results make sense afterwards (like the toddler waking up happy from her nap). Your list of “The Evidence that the Universe is Perfect” can help you keep the faith when you’re feeling fearful about what is next.

May you read this and remember the beautiful guidance that we are each receiving every day, even while we’re busy fretting about how things aren’t as perfect as we think they should be.

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It’s HERE!!!

I’m so excited that the product I told you about is ready! It’s called NuPeace, and it’s even more promising than I had imagined.  It combines 8 all-natural ingredients with high vibrational energy, and the synergy that’s created works wonders in soothing the central nervous system, improving mood and focus, and increasing one’s resiliency to future stress. If taken in the early evening, it also seems to help improve sleep quality. (The ingredients are all described on the website – check them out!)

I recognize that some people may not be comfortable with the idea that I channeled the formula for this product, as well as the information about how/why it works so well. Those same people may scoff at the idea that energy treatments can benefit people, or enhance the effectiveness of a supplement. But I’ve decided that the best approach is honesty, and I trust that there are many who embrace the idea of supplements that are infused with healing energy.

My understanding of how these ingredients can help each of us came to me while sitting in meditation. My guides gave me a visual of a large piece of rope, like this:


I got the impression that the piece of rope is like a section of our central nervous system. As we’re exposed to LOTS of stimulation each day (texts, emails, traffic, crowds, sirens in the background, phone rings and beeps) our central nervous system tries to respond to all of it, categorizing what is urgent and what can be monitored and moved into the background of our awareness.

In addition to the visual and auditory stimulations we experience each day, we also have the pressures that we place on ourselves as we attempt to do more and more each day. The result is that our central nervous system works overtime, trying to send tendrils out to each “event” (stimulation) and also respond to our internal stress. So by the middle of each day, that smooth rope looks frayed like this:


By the time we get home from work, and get ourselves and our family fed, we are exhausted! Mentally, emotionally, and physically. We find ourselves longing to pour that glass of wine or mixed drink, or grab that sweet dessert, and zone out in front of the tv or an iPad.

I now realize that this “zoning out” that we do feels good because it allows the central nervous system to recover from being over-stimulated all day. We are basically “simplifying the stimulation field” to just one item – the tv or an iPad screen – so that the central nervous system can settle down as it focuses on the one stimulant. But this can take hours to sufficiently “decompress”, and if we go to bed before our central nervous system has recovered, the result is frequently a poor night’s sleep. Which then sets us up to another day of bombarding an already frayed central nervous system.

I had learned about this idea previously, when my doctor talked to me about the “fight or flight” syndrome, and how we all seem to be living with too much adrenaline in our systems because we rarely have enough calm time in our day. But this explanation (with its visuals) helped me grasp why I seem to need that decompression time each night.

I’ve created NuPeace so that we can take better care of our central nervous systems. You can picture these ingredients working together to “help the frayed tendrils of the rope calm down and become cohesive again”. It does this more effectively than a glass of wine and an hour of tv, and over time I believe that it will help increase your resiliency to stress so that your rope doesn’t fray so easily.

I am honored to offer this product to you in the hopes that it will improve the quality of your life, and that you and your loved ones will enjoy more peaceful days and evenings. I look forward to hearing your feedback after you’ve tried it!

To order, please visit our website: www.NuVibration.com

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The Beginning of a Company

Big changes are happening in my life. Great changes, but BIG. I’d like to share.

Almost a year ago my spirit spoke to me in meditation and introduced me to a group of healing guides that wanted to teach me. I’ve been channeling my spirit, and my clients’ spirits, for almost 20 years, but this group of guides felt quite different. They vibrated at a high vibrational level and they felt very old and wise. My spirit said that she was “ecstatic” at the idea of us working together (that word got my attention).

This group of old souls told me that my body would be undergoing approximately 9 months of “adaptations”, which would enable me to channel a new frequency of healing energy. (I later realized that ‘adaptations’ meant ‘really uncomfortable  symptoms’!) This energy, they said, would be from other dimensions. At this point in the conversation I held up my hand and said “Whoa! That sounds really out there! I don’t even know what you’re talking about when you say energy from other dimensions!”

You may be chuckling now, and thinking “Christine is saying that something is ‘out there’?!?” I suppose to the average person, my life – and my work – is already pretty “out there”. But because I’ve been conversing with the spirit world for so long, and have watched thousands of people heal as a result of the work that we do together, my work now seems ‘normal’ to me. The physical healing of the client validates the information that I’m channeling and makes the process feel grounded in reality. I guess it’s all about your perspective.

So I began asking questions, like: “Why me?”, and “Why do we need it – What does this new energy do?”

Their answers were “You’ve been chosen partly because your body can be adapted to withstand the physical pressure of channeling this energy, and partly because you’re able to hear Us and your spirit has happily volunteered to do this work.”   I was also told: “This energy will be used to energetically enhance supplements. You can then offer these supplements to others.”

At which point I argued “We can’t add energy to supplements because energy treatments typically only last for a few days.”

They responded patiently, which is lovely because in hindsight I really was acting a bit stubborn. It was ridiculous and absurd of me to feel/sense that these guides were very advanced, and then to debate with them! But I was trained as a lawyer, and when information surprises me, I notice that I tend to step into interrogation mode. These guides told me that the energy from other dimensions will last up to nine months in a supplement, and that it will bring many benefits to the user. It will greatly amplify the effect of the supplement, as well as help the person to vibrate some of her energy at a higher rate. Vibrating at this higher rate would result in the person feeling less fear and more peace.


And so our journey began. Every day they have guided me, and have always been ready to teach me and answer my questions. Once I understood the potential of this energy, I wanted to add it to every vitamin and supplement on the market so that people could have fantastic health! I was told that the energy can only be added to supplements with a particular molecular structure, which results from specific ingredients being blended together. Disappointing, but understandable.

The next step came when these guides gently suggested that the plan was not for me to add energy to existing supplements, but to create custom formulas (which they would provide) and sell them under my own private label. At which point I again said “Whoa!” I have a great practice, with clients throughout the US and in 4 other countries. I was certainly not interested in starting a supplement company!

Realizing that I was going to need proof of the powerful results that they were speaking of, my guides showed me how to add energy to a supplement that was already on the market and had the necessary molecular structure. I added the energy and distributed it to 40 people. The results were impressive. The users reported feeling more energy, less negative thinking, and an enhanced result from the supplement itself. I was convinced, and began researching the supplement industry.

It’s now August (2017) and the first product formula has been created and tested. It is beyond what I could have imagined. It is a supplement for stress and anxiety, and it is so blessedly powerful that I am beyond grateful. The product name is NuPeace, and our company is called NuVibration. These are truly new vibrations that are being offered to us, and I am honored and humbled to be a part of this process.

I know that there will be many people who scoff at the idea of high vibrational energy being added to a supplement, and I am prepared for that. I have seen a client’s energy field change dramatically after taking a single dose of NuPeace, so I am comfortable standing by what I have produced. I trust that those who will receive the most benefit from NuPeace will intuitively know that it is right for them.

I wanted to share my journey thus far, before it feels like I’m bringing you into the middle of the story! There are more details involved in forming a corporation and manufacturing supplements for sale than I ever could have imagined, but I know that I’m not alone. I can feel the momentum of the energy behind this project, and it is powerful! I’m excited, enthralled, intrigued, and overwhelmed – sometimes all within the same hour! Thank you for being on this journey with me. I can’t wait to share this product – and the others to come – with each of you in the hopes that it enhances your vitality and joyful living.



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Is it More Difficult to be a Man Today? (A woman’s perspective)


Is your man assertive enough, decisive enough, passionate enough? If the answer is no, it may be worth looking at how both of you view male energy.

I frequently hear my female clients complaining that their husband/boyfriend is too passive, not pushing for the raise that he deserves at work, not standing up to his parents, and not communicating clearly (and using passive/aggressive communications instead). These same women might not see how often they have rewarded their man’s passivity, and made him “the bad guy” when he is direct and seems confrontational. It can be an intricate maze that the modern man is asked to navigate….

For decades women have struggled to enjoy the same rights, opportunities and power that men have traditionally held. I’m indebted to the brave women who paved the way for myself and other women to go to college and law school.  And I’m not naive; I’m aware that there are remaining areas of inequality that need to be addressed. But in general a woman in the US feels entitled to seek the same opportunities for advancement that her male co-workers seek. As women are becoming more empowered, they are encouraged to retain their femininity but to add to it a large dose of male energy.

For the purpose of this blog, let me offer a very brief description of male and female energy:

Male energy is typically experienced as direct, logical, linear, confident, proactive, empowered energy. We use it for making logic-based decisions, directing others and enforcing boundaries.

Female energy is usually experienced as intuitive, listening, feeling, nurturing energy. We tend to use it for information gathering, mediating conflicts, and for making feeling-based decisions.

We all contain both male and female energy within us, as we can each hold a newborn baby tenderly, or assume a take-charge position in an emergency.

As women have sought equal rights and opportunities, they have felt increasingly comfortable embracing the qualities associated with male energy, sometimes to the detriment of their female energy. I know that I was raised to see male qualities as more valuable, and not just in the workplace. In my high school and college classes my teachers rewarded me for being an assertive leader, but I don’t ever remember being acknowledged for being nurturing or for “listening well”. Looking back I can acknowledge that I came out of law school quite assertive (read bossy), controlling, and rather pleased with these qualities in myself, convinced that they would make me successful in my career. Looking back, I don’t know if I was successful because of these qualities or in spite of them!

So what happens when both people want to occupy the same type of energy? Here’s what I’m seeing: too often men are made “wrong” by women when they use their male energy, and they are rewarded for using their softer, female energy. This has left men disempowered, both at work and in their romantic relationships.

My spirit explains it this way: picture the yin/yang symbol, with equal parts of black and white energy. The black represents male energy, and the white represents female energy. Within each color there is a small amount of the opposite color, as we each ideally contain our predominant energy, and a smaller amount of the opposite sex energy. Romantic relationships are about balance, and ideally there is an equal amount of both energies present. When one person in the relationship steps into the other type of energy, it naturally pushes, or nudges, the other person to occupy the now abandoned energy in order to maintain that balance.

It’s been wonderful that our culture has encouraged men to open up and share their feelings more. This is certainly a much-needed tool, and as their emotional vocabulary has increased, communication within the relationship flourishes. But no one wins if the man is then asked to abandon his male energy.

So when men step back into their male energy and speak assertively or want to take charge, how well does that go over? I’m seeing more and more men in my practice who have been in relationships where the woman was allowed to play with both types of energy, but the man was only trusted with small amounts of male energy. Too much and he was labeled scary or too aggressive. And over time both the man and his partner became dissatisfied, without understanding why.

I’m certainly not advocating for yelling, hitting or any sort of abusive use of male power – either by a woman or a man. But as women have been rewarded for being more like men in the workplace, it seems that men have often felt “pushed out” of the male role in their romantic relationships.

So where does this leave us? In my case, it has me speaking openly to my boyfriend Bill about my tendency to stray too far into male energy, and how he should not let me go unchecked just to be polite. He agrees that neither of us will be happy if we get out of balance in that way, and we have created phrases that we use to gently notify the other person if one of us gets out of balance. If  I start ‘helping’ him by telling him how he could be doing something in a ‘better’ way, he is likely to say, “Honey, I got this!”, which is his signal that I’m using male energy to direct him around. Because I know that we will both be unhappy if he allows me to micro-manage his actions, I appreciate his gentle reminders.

So many men have been conditioned to be super-polite, even when that means allowing the woman to rule the relationship. Bill and I are in agreement that we’re both happiest when we’re in balance, and we have a good idea of what balance looks like for us.

So many women complain that their men are not masculine enough, and wish that their men should be more direct, decisive, and proactive. But I wonder how often these same women have “shot down” their men for being “too much” of these same qualities? I have learned from my male client’s spirits that often women refuse to give up any decision-making power and then wonder why their man has become so passive.

I’m not advocating for a return to the 1930’s and the small number of opportunities available for women in the world. But I am suggesting that couples have an honest, open conversation about the qualities that make up the ideal embodiment of male and female energy, so that their relationship can be as balanced and fulfilling as possible. What do you think?

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I want to share one of my favorite quotes from the Buddha:

Holding on to anger

is like grasping a hot coal

with the intent of

throwing it at someone else;

you are the one

who gets burned.


Developing the ability to release anger has been such a tremendous gift in my life. Because “holding a grudge” is expected, tolerated and sometimes even encouraged in our culture, I wasn’t really aware of the anger that I was carrying around in my back pocket – until my divorce.

During my divorce it came flooding to the surface, as every disagreement with my ex offered an opportunity to use past arguments like a sledgehammer. Sometimes we resisted the urge to argue and throw hot coals at each other, but all too often we succumbed, and paid a price.




When I finally noticed the toll that the anger was taking on me, I put it down and walked away. I didn’t care who was right or wrong. I didn’t need to convince him that I was a good person, that my perspective was valid, etc. I was ready for peace, and my ego was finally willing to “lose” any argument to feel that peace.

And so the arguments stopped. And I truly released my anger towards him, and have never felt the need to reclaim it. His actions may frustrate me at times, and I’m sure mine may exasperate him, but I know that he is trying his best as we all are, and anger at his efforts is a corrosive force with no benefits.

Now, without all my anger, I can hear more accurately. I teach more patiently. I give people the benefit of the doubt more often. I feel compassion more easily, and I trust more readily.

And now I understand that anger blocks your intuition because it obstructs your heart.


What is the first answer that pops into your mind when I ask: Who are you still angry with?

My next question is: What benefit is your anger offering you?

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Looking at Boredom

When my boys were young I remember hearing the familiar complaint “I’m bored”. I would hear this on rainy Sundays and throughout summer vacations. The other day I had a surprising realization – my boys have not uttered that statement in years! Primarily because of technology, my boys now have entertaining stimulation 24 hours a day. And I’m not so sure that this is a good thing…..

teens looking at cell phones

Feeling bored may be what we experience whenever there is nothing demanding our attention or distracting us. Bit this lack of stimulation can lead to that rare commodity: quiet reflection time.

In our efforts to avoid boredom and instead provide ourselves with continual stimulation/entertainment, have we eliminated that quiet time where we can regroup and touch our innermost feelings?

I recently came across a brilliant piece of writing by a Buddhist teacher named Karen Maezen Miller. Here is a portion of it:

“Are you bored yet? Nowadays, boredom is considered a scourge. We blame boredom for the death of curiosity, learning, productivity, innovation, and commitment. Boredom is the antecedent to all kinds of distractions, disengagements, overindulgences, and infidelities.

The worst crime is being boring, the joke goes, but we all know that the real crimes are likely to come after. In the name of boredom, we overfill our minds, our bodies, our senses, and our time……

When we’re bored, we go looking for something new. And let’s face it: we’re nearly always looking for something new.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little we’ve got – we are somehow convinced that we haven’t got ‘it’, not enough to be completely satisfied or secure. We might think we need something as harmless as a cookie, a game, or a gadget – or another career, lover or child. We might call what we want higher purpose, wisdom, passion, or simply a change of scenery….

Until we are at peace with ourselves, the quest continues. Until we know that there is nowhere else to go, and nothing more to get, we are trapped in delusion. Fighting boredom can become a full time occupation.

….It’s not the feeling of boredom that hurts us; it’s what we do when we try to run away from it.”

from “The Best Buddhist Writing of 2013”, edited by Melvin McLeod and Shambhala Sun.

Frequently I hear commentators talking about how we are all over-stimulated, and that  technology has conditioned us to never be disconnected. We are constantly checking our cell phone and our laptop for messages from others, but how often do we check in with ourselves?

Last year I realized that I had the habit of starting my car and immediately turning on the radio. I was so used to noise and stimulation that it felt odd not to have it, and so I quickly filled in the “empty space”. Now I deliberately drive in silence for the first few moments. I check in with myself to see if I want music or if I want quiet. I realized that driving itself provided quite a bit of stimulation, but that I was so used to multiple layers of stimulation that driving without music seemed “boring”.

Now I understand that boredom can become contentment if I relax into it with a contented sigh. But first I had to challenge the assumption that lack of stimulation equals boredom. Sometimes lack of stimulation is necessary for me to experience peace. And stillness. And quietude.

Now I crave silence. I’m not ready to go off and meditate in a cave for 6 months, but I try to have more awareness of the noise and stimulation around me.

When was the last time you risked “being bored” and just sat quietly with no agenda, no stimulation and no pressure to be accomplishing something?

I believe that for many of us, we are in performance mode from the moment we open our eyes to the minute we fall asleep. No wonder we love the idea of going to bed! I think that we all need to have intervals of time each day where we are “off duty”. And not because we are so drained and exhausted that we can no longer perform, but because we are intending to actively “do nothing” for a short period of time. It’s amazing how rejuvenating 15 minutes of silence and stillness can be if it is consciously chosen.

frazzled with technology


Think about your typical day. What is the longest period of time that you go without checking emails, looking at your phone or talking to someone?

The next time you sit on the sofa and immediately reach for the remote, consider giving yourself some time without stimulation. Once we question the notion that lack of stimulation equals boredom, we can invite our mind to relax, settle and register how we’re feeling. An important step towards peaceful, more enlightened living.

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Teaching Gratitude

My two boys bought me a lovely present this year for Christmas – tickets to the theater. But their gift wasn’t my favorite part of this year’s Christmas. My fondest moment will be the warm, expansive feeling that I felt in the center of my chest as I watched my boys experience true appreciation for their gifts. Their gratitude was….palpable. From their beaming smiles to their big hugs and grins, their delight was genuine and unmistakable.

At this point you may be wondering if I bought them new cars for Christmas. No such grand presents were given, but their gifts reflected who they each are and what they enjoy. Their awareness – the ability to notice and appreciate the time it took to select each gift – was so rewarding. It was a pleasure to buy their gifts, and I think that I was more excited than they were for Christmas morning.


Many years ago I remember shocking a mom I met at the park. She commented on how appreciative my kids seemed as she passed out juice boxes, and I replied that sometimes it takes a little bit of guilt to teach gratitude, but it’s worth it. The woman gave me an incredulous look – first of confusion, then repulsion. I explained that I believe parents can use a small amount of these emotions to coax children to see outside of themselves and relate to someone else’s perspective. I don’t think the mom was convinced.

When my boys were young I remember being dissatisfied one day with their mumbled “thanks” as I handed them their lunches. So as they reached for the lunch bags I held on tight. When they looked confused about why their lunch was being held hostage, I explained. I reviewed how I expended energy to make their meals – first buying the food and bringing it home, then organizing it into their lunches. The reason to say thank-you wasn’t just to be polite; it was also to send me energy out of gratitude since I had used my energy to help them. They quickly understood and each of them made eye contact with me, smiled, and said “thank-you mom” with genuine gratitude. My warm smile confirmed what they felt – that their appreciative energy had been received.

boy saying thank you

My boys and I live in a rather wealthy area. And while we are definitely not wealthy, my boys regularly witness people living a very indulgent lifestyle. So it’s easy for them to slip into entitled  thinking, where they forget to be grateful for all that we have. Over the years when I feel that either of my kids hasn’t shown the proper gratitude for all that is done for him, I address it right away. To the outsider it might look like a guilt-trip; I review in detail how much energy I’ve put forth on his behalf, or how much effort it takes for teachers to do their job well, or I tell them about someone I know whose child is currently in the hospital, etc. While this may appear to be me “guilting” my boys, I see it differently. By learning to step outside of themselves and acknowledge someone else’s efforts or pain, my boys have learned to feel truly grateful for all that they have and all that is done for them.

I think that being able to feel gratitude on a daily basis is a true gift.


Your ability to feel gratitude is in direct proportion to your ability to experience happiness, and I’m so pleased that my boys and I regularly experience both.

I also believe that it’s helpful to be taught how to feel gratitude. Not because we can’t feel this emotion naturally, but because the ego doesn’t seem to automatically register this concept.

When I was going through my divorce it was easy for my boys and I to feel unhappy; gratitude was definitely a less natural response. So at the dinner table or as I tucked them into bed I tried to remember to ask each of them to tell me something good that had happened that day. It was my simplified version of a gratitude journal, and it helped all of us recognize that good things happened daily, and that it was up to us to notice. I believe that our gratitude practices helped us avoid feelings of victimhood, a frequent outcome of the divorce process.

I try to keep my family focused on feeling grateful because I’ve witnessed the correlation between my happiest clients and the frequency with which they express gratitude.

If you want your family to experience happy, joyful lives, keep an eye on your gratitude levels.

If you’re interested in expanding your ability to feel gratitude, I can recommend a few books that have assisted me over the years:

Happiness is an Inside Job, by Sylvia Boorstein, PhD.

How We Choose to be Happy, by Rick Foster and Greg Hicks

Suffering is Optional, Three Keys to Freedom and Joy, by Cheri Huber

Happiness is a Serious Problem, by Dennis Prager

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