Why Does the Universe Do That??

When I first began hearing the spirit world, I understood that my spirit’s perspective was infinitely larger than mine, and so she was able to understand and see things that I couldn’t grasp. The analogy that she gave me was this:

toddler in crib

“Imagine that you’re taking care of a 2-year-old child who is exhausted. The child is miserable and cranky because she’s so tired, so you decide to put her down for her nap. The child wails in protest, and looks at you as if you’re the cruelest person in the world. Would you give in and let her skip the nap? No, because you would have the bigger perspective and would understand that if she naps she will enjoy the rest of her day so much more. As your spirit, I am like the loving parent, allowing you to wail and protest about what I’ve chosen for you. You are always convinced that you know what will make you the happiest, but I can see further into the future than you can, and I have a larger perspective on what will serve you in the long run.”

I’m embarrassed to say that despite hearing this explanation years ago, I still question the methods and decisions of the spirit world. With regularity. Here’s an example:

Over a year ago a new group of very advanced healing guides honored me by choosing to work with me. Now a humble person would be eternally grateful, listen carefully to what they advise, and not question their methods at all. That is not me; apparently I’m still working on learning those qualities!

My guides told me that I’d be creating new types of supplements that contained energy and would produce astounding results. Now in my opinion, the best way to proceed would have been for the guides to tell me everything that the first supplement (NuPeace) would do to help people. I would have loved a complete list of every beautiful result that users would experience, so that I could use it in marketing the product and helping customers understand what to expect/why they should buy it. But instead my guides gave me a very strong feeling, an emotional response that made me feel like I HAD to create this product. And when I told my boyfriend Bill about the product, his response was emotional too, which was surprising to both of us. But we could feel the Universe cheering us on, so we took a leap of faith and created the company, a website, and the NuPeace supplement.



Fast forward to today, where every day I’m hearing from customers who are reporting back fabulous results that I never expected from NuPeace. Which is great, but why didn’t my healing guides choose to tell me more of what to expect from this product?

When I sat in meditation and asked this question (as respectfully as I could), I was told this:

“We understand that you have a desire to know what will happen next. All humans believe that they’ll be happiest if they can know their future events, so that they can brace for the worst and look forward to the pleasant. But this is not an accurate assumption. Believe it or not, one of the most enjoyable aspects of being human is the element of surprise – of not knowing what will happen next. It is why you watch movies and read books; you want to see what happens next. We promise that if we had told on your 5th birthday every gift that you would receive each year for Christmas, you would have experienced significantly less happiness on that holiday.

The ego-mind decides that the unknown is to be feared, and so the pursuit begins, as each person tries to see as much of his future as possible. Part of why children experience more happiness than adults is because they delight in being surprised. They have not yet learned to fear everything that was not scheduled to appear. Be more child-like. Allow the Universe to surprise you with unexpected delights. There is a joy to be had here, if you can let go of the need to accurately anticipate everything that will happen.

The wonderful results from NuPeace that were unknown to you did not affect your actions, your decision to create the product. We will tell you now that there are even more benefits that users will experience as the product is used long-term. Do you need to know these benefits? No.  We see your joy in hearing from your customers who are surprised at how quickly their bodies have created a “now normal” of lower levels of adrenaline and cortisol. If you had known to expect this, you would have missed out on the joyful surprise of this result.

Trust. Trust the undeniable feelings that guide you from your heart, and then enjoy the ride! Even when you can’t see around the next curve…..”

I share this small story in the hopes of reminding you that EVERYTHING happens in an effort to support you. Your spirit, in collaboration with your guides, God, and all the forces in the Universe, are requesting that things happen FOR you, not TO you. You will forget this – frequently. I channel the spirit world each day and I still forget! (there’s a distinct possibility that I’m a slow learner in this area). But I encourage you to start keeping a list of times where you witnessed the perfection of the Universe as It provided just what was needed for your growth. These times will typically be uncomfortable, but the results make sense afterwards (like the toddler waking up happy from her nap). Your list of “The Evidence that the Universe is Perfect” can help you keep the faith when you’re feeling fearful about what is next.

May you read this and remember the beautiful guidance that we are each receiving every day, even while we’re busy fretting about how things aren’t as perfect as we think they should be.

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