It’s HERE!!!

I’m so excited that the product I told you about is ready! It’s called NuPeace, and it’s even more promising than I had imagined.  It combines 8 all-natural ingredients with high vibrational energy, and the synergy that’s created works wonders in soothing the central nervous system, improving mood and focus, and increasing one’s resiliency to future stress. If taken in the early evening, it also seems to help improve sleep quality. (The ingredients are all described on the website – check them out!)

I recognize that some people may not be comfortable with the idea that I channeled the formula for this product, as well as the information about how/why it works so well. Those same people may scoff at the idea that energy treatments can benefit people, or enhance the effectiveness of a supplement. But I’ve decided that the best approach is honesty, and I trust that there are many who embrace the idea of supplements that are infused with healing energy.

My understanding of how these ingredients can help each of us came to me while sitting in meditation. My guides gave me a visual of a large piece of rope, like this:


I got the impression that the piece of rope is like a section of our central nervous system. As we’re exposed to LOTS of stimulation each day (texts, emails, traffic, crowds, sirens in the background, phone rings and beeps) our central nervous system tries to respond to all of it, categorizing what is urgent and what can be monitored and moved into the background of our awareness.

In addition to the visual and auditory stimulations we experience each day, we also have the pressures that we place on ourselves as we attempt to do more and more each day. The result is that our central nervous system works overtime, trying to send tendrils out to each “event” (stimulation) and also respond to our internal stress. So by the middle of each day, that smooth rope looks frayed like this:


By the time we get home from work, and get ourselves and our family fed, we are exhausted! Mentally, emotionally, and physically. We find ourselves longing to pour that glass of wine or mixed drink, or grab that sweet dessert, and zone out in front of the tv or an iPad.

I now realize that this “zoning out” that we do feels good because it allows the central nervous system to recover from being over-stimulated all day. We are basically “simplifying the stimulation field” to just one item – the tv or an iPad screen – so that the central nervous system can settle down as it focuses on the one stimulant. But this can take hours to sufficiently “decompress”, and if we go to bed before our central nervous system has recovered, the result is frequently a poor night’s sleep. Which then sets us up to another day of bombarding an already frayed central nervous system.

I had learned about this idea previously, when my doctor talked to me about the “fight or flight” syndrome, and how we all seem to be living with too much adrenaline in our systems because we rarely have enough calm time in our day. But this explanation (with its visuals) helped me grasp why I seem to need that decompression time each night.

I’ve created NuPeace so that we can take better care of our central nervous systems. You can picture these ingredients working together to “help the frayed tendrils of the rope calm down and become cohesive again”. It does this more effectively than a glass of wine and an hour of tv, and over time I believe that it will help increase your resiliency to stress so that your rope doesn’t fray so easily.

I am honored to offer this product to you in the hopes that it will improve the quality of your life, and that you and your loved ones will enjoy more peaceful days and evenings. I look forward to hearing your feedback after you’ve tried it!

To order, please visit our website:

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