The Beginning of a Company

Big changes are happening in my life. Great changes, but BIG. I’d like to share.

Almost a year ago my spirit spoke to me in meditation and introduced me to a group of healing guides that wanted to teach me. I’ve been channeling my spirit, and my clients’ spirits, for almost 20 years, but this group of guides felt quite different. They vibrated at a high vibrational level and they felt very old and wise. My spirit said that she was “ecstatic” at the idea of us working together (that word got my attention).

This group of old souls told me that my body would be undergoing approximately 9 months of “adaptations”, which would enable me to channel a new frequency of healing energy. (I later realized that ‘adaptations’ meant ‘really uncomfortable  symptoms’!) This energy, they said, would be from other dimensions. At this point in the conversation I held up my hand and said “Whoa! That sounds really out there! I don’t even know what you’re talking about when you say energy from other dimensions!”

You may be chuckling now, and thinking “Christine is saying that something is ‘out there’?!?” I suppose to the average person, my life – and my work – is already pretty “out there”. But because I’ve been conversing with the spirit world for so long, and have watched thousands of people heal as a result of the work that we do together, my work now seems ‘normal’ to me. The physical healing of the client validates the information that I’m channeling and makes the process feel grounded in reality. I guess it’s all about your perspective.

So I began asking questions, like: “Why me?”, and “Why do we need it – What does this new energy do?”

Their answers were “You’ve been chosen partly because your body can be adapted to withstand the physical pressure of channeling this energy, and partly because you’re able to hear Us and your spirit has happily volunteered to do this work.”   I was also told: “This energy will be used to energetically enhance supplements. You can then offer these supplements to others.”

At which point I argued “We can’t add energy to supplements because energy treatments typically only last for a few days.”

They responded patiently, which is lovely because in hindsight I really was acting a bit stubborn. It was ridiculous and absurd of me to feel/sense that these guides were very advanced, and then to debate with them! But I was trained as a lawyer, and when information surprises me, I notice that I tend to step into interrogation mode. These guides told me that the energy from other dimensions will last up to nine months in a supplement, and that it will bring many benefits to the user. It will greatly amplify the effect of the supplement, as well as help the person to vibrate some of her energy at a higher rate. Vibrating at this higher rate would result in the person feeling less fear and more peace.


And so our journey began. Every day they have guided me, and have always been ready to teach me and answer my questions. Once I understood the potential of this energy, I wanted to add it to every vitamin and supplement on the market so that people could have fantastic health! I was told that the energy can only be added to supplements with a particular molecular structure, which results from specific ingredients being blended together. Disappointing, but understandable.

The next step came when these guides gently suggested that the plan was not for me to add energy to existing supplements, but to create custom formulas (which they would provide) and sell them under my own private label. At which point I again said “Whoa!” I have a great practice, with clients throughout the US and in 4 other countries. I was certainly not interested in starting a supplement company!

Realizing that I was going to need proof of the powerful results that they were speaking of, my guides showed me how to add energy to a supplement that was already on the market and had the necessary molecular structure. I added the energy and distributed it to 40 people. The results were impressive. The users reported feeling more energy, less negative thinking, and an enhanced result from the supplement itself. I was convinced, and began researching the supplement industry.

It’s now August (2017) and the first product formula has been created and tested. It is beyond what I could have imagined. It is a supplement for stress and anxiety, and it is so blessedly powerful that I am beyond grateful. The product name is NuPeace, and our company is called NuVibration. These are truly new vibrations that are being offered to us, and I am honored and humbled to be a part of this process.

I know that there will be many people who scoff at the idea of high vibrational energy being added to a supplement, and I am prepared for that. I have seen a client’s energy field change dramatically after taking a single dose of NuPeace, so I am comfortable standing by what I have produced. I trust that those who will receive the most benefit from NuPeace will intuitively know that it is right for them.

I wanted to share my journey thus far, before it feels like I’m bringing you into the middle of the story! There are more details involved in forming a corporation and manufacturing supplements for sale than I ever could have imagined, but I know that I’m not alone. I can feel the momentum of the energy behind this project, and it is powerful! I’m excited, enthralled, intrigued, and overwhelmed – sometimes all within the same hour! Thank you for being on this journey with me. I can’t wait to share this product – and the others to come – with each of you in the hopes that it enhances your vitality and joyful living.



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8 Responses to The Beginning of a Company

  1. Lily Guzman says:

    How do I purchase a bottle of NuPeace?

    • We are in production now, and hope to have it ready for sale by the end of September! I will be sending out an email letting everyone know when it’s ready and how to purchase it. Thanks for asking!

  2. Patti Bryan says:

    Sign me up! I’m so happy for you and so happy that this will be available!

  3. Jane Marla Robbins says:

    This is thrilling news at a time when I feel the planet could not need it more! I love Christine and I know I will love her her product!

  4. Jessica says:

    I’m so excited for you!!! And I love the name and the logo! So cool… you have to make t-shirts. I’d wear one just because it’s cool.

  5. Thanks Jessica! I’ve been thinking about t-shirts from day one! It’s on the list! It may take me awhile to get them (all money is currently going to creating the product and the 10,000 details that go along with that!), but they will be available eventually!

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