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An Important Parenting Goal

I’ve spoken to several people recently about the goals that we have as parents. These conversations have given me a chance to see how my goals of parenting have changed as my kids have grown – and as I’ve grown! … Continue reading

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Learning to be Present

Quote from a wise Buddhist teacher: Learn to grasp the moment! Do not sneak away; do not escape to the delusions of the past or the future. Bring your mind to where you are, with an acute awareness for the … Continue reading

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Scarcity Thinking

I read somewhere that for most of us, our first thought of the day is one of scarcity. Is your first thought “I didn’t get enough sleep last night?” Or “I’ll never get everything done on my list today”? I … Continue reading

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It’s been another week of great sessions, with my the spirit world sharing wonderful advice and interesting observations. But several times this week I’ve had to point out to my clients that they were beating themselves up without even realizing … Continue reading

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Quickly Shifting My Mood

Every person craves more happiness and less suffering. I think this universal desire unites us all; no matter who you are, I assume that you want to feel good as often as possible. I can also assume that, like me, … Continue reading

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