13thAs a young lawyer I was plagued by constant allergies. Determined to find a cure, I voraciously studied different types of alternative medicine, focusing on homeopathy and Reiki/ energy healing. I cured my allergies, and along the way discovered an amazing gift – the ability to see energy and have conversations with people’s spirits! Now I work as a medical intuitive, helping people understand how their physical symptoms contain messages from their spirits.

My spirit taught me that our bodies are sending us messages all the time about how we’re internalizing our stress. These messages are called symptoms. By understanding the messages contained within our symptoms, we can resolve issues and release stored tension/negative energy, supporting the body’s natural healing processes.

In a session I become a translator for a client’s spirit, allowing the client to engage in profound conversations with her spirit and learn about relationships, self-judgment, forgiveness and healing.

In this blog my desire is to share what I learn from my spirit and my clients’ spirits. The information offered by the spirit has brought me great peace; may it do the same for others.

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  1. Hello Christine, I was referred to you Truth Calkins. He suggested that I have a reading with you. Are you booking LA clients. Thank you for letting me know.

    All light and love, Angelica

  2. Linda Rucki says:

    I am a member of YOM & recently saw you on with Lisa & Marci. I did not get to see it live, so I did not get the links to the discount you are giving our group . Thank you, I very much enjoy and admire your work.

    • Hi Linda,
      The class already happened (that I offered the discount for) but I’m happy to include you in a special free class that I’m offering to a select group of people who attended that last class. If you’ll send me an email at christine@christinelang.org then I’ll send you a private link/invite.

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